<< L’Europe deviendra-t-elle ce quelle est en réalité, c’est-à-dire: un petit cap du continent asiatique? >>

– Paul Valéry

The Foyers of Europe exist in all the places where people are forced to live on the edges of societies that call themselves “European”. Sitting in front of the last door that symbolizes the freedom and peace they are so desperately looking for, they find that this door is impermeable, bolted shut on both sides.. and so they continue to exist, sitting in waiting rooms all across Europe, close enough to see the landmarks, yet sleeping in abandoned warehouses, tents, old trains, exiled to the edges of cities, shunned.
This blog is a spotlight, in the foyer. These are not simply drawings and pictures, this is for the people living on the other side of the door a medium to express their own truth.
This is their lives, and this is Europe through their eyes, their poetry, their writing, from their small peephole in the door.